Who are we?

MonetizePlus was founded as a private tool by media buyers who sought a solution to automate their media buying campaign optimization and monetization. We created a smart link that takes all traffic from any Geo,device, carrier and sends it to the offers that are most likely to convert, which allows us to squeeze maximum profit from your traffic, scale fast and grow our business.

When we saw how well it worked for us we said: Why not open this tool for anyone who wants to better monetize their traffic? or for those who just wants a tool that will serve as a back-fill for remnant traffic?

Got Traffic-Consider This a Personal Invitation

Networks,Media Buyers,webmasters we want to work with you! Get the best eCPM’s for your traffic, dedicated account manager, weekly payments and feel free to ask us for anything that can help you get started and scale. If you are using similar solutions right now, that’s great,all we ask is to give a chance by split testing us and see who wins! Can’t go wrong with split testing in this industry, you already know that right?

Sounds good, how do I get started?

Easy ,click the sign up button, fill in your details, grab your smart link and run traffic, fast and easy! An account manager will also reach out to you to make sure you got all you need and give you some tips based on your experience, traffic type and needs.

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